VW-set-to-debut-new-electric-vehicle-with-300-mile-range-at-Paris-Motor-Show1Who cares about diesel? VW has recently been pretty vocal about its intentions to move beyond combustion engines and towards electric powered vehicles. To give the statement substance, it revealed that it will be releasing 30 new electric cars by 2025, the first of which is to make its debut at the forthcoming Paris Motor Show in October.

Herbert Diess, the automaker’s brand manager, confirmed the news during an interview with German magazine Wirtschafts Woche. He said the new vehicle would be comparable in size to a Golf, with the cargo capacity of a Passat and a range in the region of 300 miles.

Whatever we get to see in Paris will naturally be a prototype, but Diess stressed it will bear a close resemblance to the vehicle that’s released before 2020.


This VW electric vehicle won’t be the first of its kind with a 300 mile range; Tesla and Model X have already exceeded this. It’s the price tag of the new vehicle which sets it apart however. Up till now, of the more modestly priced electric offerings that VW would expect to call competitors – none have exceeded a range of 100 miles. This will no doubt start a race amongst the electrically inclined automakers, to develop genuinely affordable electric vehicles with ranges that allow longer trips and commutes. Thanks to VW, 300 miles is likely to be the new benchmark.