VW-to-bring-Amazons-Alexa-into-its-vehiclesVolkswagen has announced plans to follow in the footsteps of Ford Motors by integrating Amazon Alexa into its vehicles.

In a statement, announced at the recent CES consumer technology exhibition held in Las Vegas, the German carmaker revealed its intention to roll out the technology in its forthcoming vehicles, allowing its drivers to operate the virtual assistant from their cars.

The plan is for Alexa to connect with VW’s existing Car-Net functions. Volkswagen launched the Car-Net system in 2013, with the system allowing drivers to connect to their vehicles via their Smartphones. The facility also allows them to locate or unlock their cars, monitor their speed, or notify the authorities – if the airbag is deployed.

The technology is expected to evolve and will see the facility to add destinations to the vehicle’s navigation systems, the ability to monitor fuel levels, and to lock or unlock the car from the home or office. It will also be possible for users to purchase items for their vehicles via the assistant, if the VW Car-Net account to their Amazon account.

The integration is still in the planning stages, and a release date is yet to be announced. Ford and Volkswagen are the first two of several major car makers who are expected to incorporate the service into their vehicles.

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