You hear people saying how brilliant it would be for cars to drive by themselves with no driver needed. This particular piece of technology is closer to being reality it would seem.

The Volkswagen Passat is being used in extensive tests around the streets of Berlin.  The car has the intelligence to operate alone with the need for human intervention. There is no need for a driver or even a remote to control the vehicle.

How does it work?

There are sophisticated pieces of technology within the car that link to allow the car to drive with precision on the road. There is a camera placed in the front of the vehicle along with a satellite navigation system installed in the back of the car. Laser scanners are placed around the car’s body to detect the car’s surroundings, with a range of up to 70 meters.

Better than human reactions?

The technology has been heavily developed and worked on at the Free University in Berlin. Head of Research for Artificial Technology has claimed that the technology is actually more advanced than humans. The reactions to various situations when driving a car is faster with the new technology compared to human reactions.

This hasn’t been an overnight development however. It is said to have taken around four years for this development to advance to the stage it is at now. The Volkswagen Passat in question is worth $551,880 (£352,324).

The Volkswagen Passat isn’t the only car to be tested on with this type of technology. Google have also been testing on similar technology in America on a Toyota Prius.

Promising test results

Testing in Berlin has reached very advanced stages. It was the first car to receive permission to drive on public roads. The car effectively drove through a 20km route, which consisted of some of the busiest roads in the city. There were said to be 46 traffic lights which the car managed to handle with no problem at all.


The news really does sound quite encouraging indeed. Developments are at fairly early stages at present, so it is very difficult to anticipate when the car will made available into public sectors.

The technology within the Volkswagen Passat will certainly revolutionise driving and change lives in the future.