Following up on their success this year, Bentley are planning to release a brand new SUV across the world.


It is likely to be especially designed for the American market. The SUV market is one of the most lucrative in the American automotive industry. Currently America is Bentley’s number one market, beating China and it’s country of origin, England.

Rumours state that the new Bentley SUV will cost over $140,000. It will enter the market with a bang, offering more luxury than any other SUV currently within that segment. A new SUV is sure to boost sales for the Crewe based automotive manufacturer. Sales of the Bentley Continental and the Bentley Mulsanne will help maintain the company’s balance sheets until then.

Profit for the first time in two years

Last year Bentley recorded its first profit since the global car crisis after two years of making a loss. As reported by us yesterday, Volkswagen’s luxury brand managed to sell 7,003 cars worldwide. This equated to a 37 per cent rise as compared to the year before. Yearly profit figures were not revealed by the company. Bentley’s operating loss was dramatically reduced from €145 million to €6 million.

Decision yet to be made

Volkswagen are said to make their final decision as to whether they are to release a luxury SUV in the first quarter of this year. Many expect the car to be produced.

Strong demand

Bentley are said to be wary of current market conditions and will only release new models based on it. They are expecting to achieve a higher growth rate this year as luxury cars are currently receiving a heavier demand in countries such as India, America and China. Germany’s demand for luxury vehicles is the strongest in Europe at present.

Follow Porsche’s example

Porsche, Volkswagen sports brand achieved great success when executing an identical strategy. The Porsche Cayenne is one of the world’s most desired cars and has been successful across the world since its release back in 2002.

Although Bentley promises to deliver an SUV like no other, they will still have plenty of tough competition within that particular market. The BMW X5 and the Audi Q7 are notable rivals. The upcoming Eterniti Hemera may also provide some stiff competition.