LEGO-consider-making-VW-Golf-GTIYou may not see the Lego Golf GTI pictured above on toy shop shelves just yet, but the growing support club of admirers currently growing online, may well see the hatchback officially make its transition in the not too distant future.

Created by Lego enthusiast ‘hasskabal’, a lot of time has clearly been spent perfecting VW’s iconic Golf GTI. Painstaking detail has been taken recreating the detailed front grill and recognisable VW logo.

The interior is equally detailed with stickers and unconventional blocks used to replicate the wheel, cockpit and handbrake.

Along with a retractable ceiling, GT Series seat covers, indicators and many other clever little features, the Lego replication of the GTI is pretty close to the original.

In total 1278 separate parts have been used; this puts the GTI on a similar scale to the official Lego VW Beetle.

Lego has a four step submission procedure for independent builders with their own ideas. Several classics have already made the transition to official merchandise, including the Caterham and the Ferrari F40.

The process start with submission, then moves to supporter gathering, and culminates with a review and then a release if successful. Many fan made kits have already passed through generating nice royalty fees for the creators responsible.

In order to be considered by Lego, each idea needs 10,000 supporters. The GTI is still some way short. SO if you want to see it on shelves anytime soon, head to the Lego Ideas homepage and show your support.

With the rate at which it’s been accruing fans, it would unlikely not to claim its own place in Lego folklore.

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