Skoda, who are part of the Volkswagen Group have begun test driving the brand new upcoming Octavia Electric vehicle.

One for future development

The new Octavia Green E Line will act as an experiment. The Volkswagen Group hope to generate ideas and technology from the feedback of the car and eventually develop electric cars of mass volume in the future.  The Octavia Green E got inspiration from the Combo variant. This model contains the electric motor (which is able to produce 85 kW), electronic controllers and the battery in a very secure and safe fashion.

Decent performance

The car will not hold back when it comes to providing an exciting drive, with the vehicle possessing wonderful handling ability. Many will feel that the car is highly suited to city driving. The car is able to produce 85 kW through it’s electric motor.  Despite being an electric car, it will be able to move from 0 – 60 MPH is an estimated 12 seconds.

Dr Echard Scholz – Long term aim

Dr Echard Scholz Head of R & D and a Board member for Skoda said that the whole Volkswagen Group were committed “Škoda and the entire Volkswagen Group have a long-time aim, and that is sustainable mobility based on renewable energy sources. There is no doubt electric propulsion is becoming more and more important for mobility with as low emissions as possible. Working as we are with our Group partners, we think we are making very good progress.”

Michael Oeljeklaus – How the Octavia has been so successful

Michael Oeljeklaus, a Board Member for Production and Logistics at Skoda reminded everyone just how the car reached such level. His exact words were “For the past fifteen years, the Octavia has been the heart of the Škoda brand. It is a true ‘simply clever’ vehicle: spacious, practical, family-friendly, and affordable. The model has left an important mark on the rapid rise of our company since the nineties. In particular, the second generation built since 2004 has meant another leap forward for us. The figure of 1.5 million manufactured Octavia IIs expresses this success in a special way. The Octavia will continue to play a vitally important role in our model range in the future and make a central contribution to our Growth Strategy 2018.”

The current Octavia still a great car

The vehicle has already achieved a great amount of success. The second generation of the car was produced a staggering 1.5 million times.