The Volkswagen scandal just keeps getting worse as a report from Bloomberg suggest that code words were used in order to slow down global investigation processes. Could this be another mis-teeq in Volkswagens never ending emissions scandal?

So So So ScandalousVolkswagen’s emissions scandal started as a result of VW being cars fitted with computer software that could monitor when they were being officially tested and when they are in the real world. The system is therefore able to disguise the level of pollution emitted from the cars. Reports suggest that the emission could be up to 40x higher. With 11 million cars affected around the globe and 500,000 in the US, multiple governments have taken legal action against the company.

So after the quick recap, it has recently been reported that code words have been used in order to slow down the investigation. This, plus multiple board meetings, the slow release of official car statistics, and the pushing back of court dates have led an extremely slow investigation. There have been code words such as ‘acoustic software’ mixed with planned poor software used by VW, to keep the slow investigation process rolling.

Where Volkswagen has really gone wrong in this scandal is with the blame game that they seem to consistently be playing. Originally, the scandal occurred because some software engineers planned it for no reason but, that has turned out to be a false claim. More recently however, alongside the codeword aspect of the scandal, it has emerged that Audi created the emissions cheating software back in 1999.

So after hearing about this information reported by Bloomberg, do you now have a different opinion about the whole emissions saga or, has it simply remained the same? Either way, with the recent management reshuffle that has recently occurred in Wolfsburg, can Volkswagen save themselves?