Expect the new Volkswagen Tiguan to do nothing but sell extremely quickly. The newest model, set to be released in 2016 has managed to outclass its older model. The first generation Tiguan was one of the best selling SUV’s in the UK. Selling 2.8 million worldwide and 2.4 million in the UK alone, the old Tiguan was also Volkswagen’s third bestselling vehicle. The previous vehicle also sold its most units in 2015 despite being eight years old too.


So, as you have gathered, the Tiguan is an excellent SUV, but how will the new model compare to its predecessor? Unsurprisingly it outclasses the older version, it really does. The SUV’s mantra is based upon being comfortable, practical and easy to drive, and believe us when we say it does this in abundance.

The Tiguan isn’t a racer, we all know that, but, it is an extremely good vehicle for daily driving. Volkswagen is reportedly making 90% of the vehicles diesel only. So, the diesel SUV’s will boast a 145hp 2.0 litre engine which will take 7.7 second to reach 60 mph from still. As well as this, it is a four wheeled drive, which when injunction with the sharp steering and the MQB platform, makes it an absolute pleasure to drive. The MQB platform has also enabled for a bigger boot and more space in the cabin which have all been used very wisely. There is a lot of confidence in sales for this vehicle as even the most basic versions of this vehicle will come with a range of technologies including Sat-Nav.

So, the new Tiguan is looking like it will definitely be a hit in the UK and Europe, but Volkswagen have bigger plans than this. India seems to be the main market which Volkswagen wants the Tiguan to penetrate. So far, only the Polo has made any sort of impact in India as the hatchback and smaller car is preferred until the recent shift to the SUV. An example of this shift can be seen as a quarter of a million of the old models have already been sold. The shift of the Indian car market to the SUV coincides with the hotly anticipated Tiguan’s release. Does it seem like the most perfect of coincidences?

At Servicing Stop, we will be keeping a close eye on the Tiguan and will update you to its progress later.