The-Amarok-is-Getting-its-Facelift-for-2016The Volkswagen Amarok is receiving a facelift for 2016 following a six year stint on the international market. This comes at a very good time for VW as they attempt to regain both trust and popularity in the American market. A facelift to an international pick-up truck is therefore the best course of action. The Volkswagen Amarok will therefore look to dominate the pick-up truck market by fending off competition from the likes of Ford and Toyota.

Firstly, the Amarok will look sportier in its facelift. With fresh new body work including a sporty bumper, new side skirts, bigger alloys and grille to match, the updated Amarok most certainly looks the part. But, Volkswagen has gone even further to impress in this competitive market by improving the interior, which, in many pick-up trucks, is normally completely forgotten about. The Amarok therefore boasts an updated and luxurious dashboard complete with newly designed seats and, much more interior space than the previous model. We expect the vehicle to sell well just based upon its looks.

The performance of the Volkswagen Amarok is however the deciding factor which will rocket the pick-up truck into stardom. There is a relatively large change from a 2.0 litre four cylinder TDI engine to a 3.0 litre V6 diesel, which allows the vehicle to tow around 3.5 tonnes.

But after the recent emissions scandal, how is the pick-up going to compare? All the other models of the Amarok did fail to comply with the emissions laws, but it has been reported that the facelift does indeed observe the even stricter Euro6 emissions laws. It is therefore obvious that Volkswagen have put a lot of effort into ensuring that the pick-up truck is the best that it can possibly be in regards to performance and environmental efficiency.

The Amarok will be sold in either a six-gear manual or eight speed automatic depending on the international market it is selling in. The truck will also come equipped with all of the latest technology in order to compete with the likes of Ford and Toyota. One of the newest safety features which can be found on board the Amarok is automatic post-collision braking, which may certainly come in handy for many drivers.

The Volkswagen Amarok will be an impressive vehicle, which will inevitably sell well globally. It is rumoured that the European model of the truck will benefit from bigger brakes and wheels and it will certainly be on sale towards the end of the summer for around £21,000. So watch out, the Amarok will soon be about…