Volkswagen have done themselves proud in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (otherwise known as the IIHS)

This is the ninth time that a Volkswagen model have triumphed in the IIHS ratings for winning the Top Safety Pick Award. The Volkswagen Routan, an American model, was the car to achieve the feat. The actual award itself represents a great level of safety within vehicle. It means that the car will be the safest in the most common accidents that occur on the roads.

Other models to succeed within the ratings include the Volkswagen CC, the Volkswagen Jetta, the Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen, the Volkswagen Touareg, the Volkswagen Golf and the Volkswagen Golf GTI.

The Volkswagen Routan performed well on a number of tests in order to take home the accolade. In order to for a car to achieve the Top Safety Pick award, they must perform well on the IIHS crash test series. This particular set of tests includes crashes from all angles, which means front, side and rear impact scenarios were strenuously undertaken. The stability and strength of the roof is also tested in the routine roof-strength test.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, which is a non-profit research company, released a statement through the company’s President, Adrain Lund. He implied that Volkswagen is dedicated to producing safe vehicles and also mentioned how important the Top Safety Pick award is. He said “The Routan’s performance demonstrates Volkswagen’s lasting commitment to safety,”

“Vehicles earning the TOP SAFETY PICK afford the best overall protection in the most common accident situations.”

Jonathon Browning echoed the comments by Adrian Lund and also said Volkswagen can be proud of themselves. The President and CEO of Volkswagen Group of America Inc said “We’re delighted that the Routan has been given this prestigious award. We are even more delighted that Volkswagen now leads the American automotive industry with nine TOP SAFETY PICKS,”.

“This is the reward for all the hard work we continually put in the development of new technologies for our cars.”

Many wouldn’t mind seeing the Volkswagen Routan here in the UK. Not only does it have a great amount of safety attributes, but it isn’t a bad looking car either.