Time-Was-Ticking-For-VolkswagenWe bet you thought that this would be another article about the emissions scandal, but we’re afraid that this time you were wrong. Although we did try and trick you into believing it, so maybe we’ll let you off lightly this time. This story is in fact completely unrelated to the emissions scandal and instead affects a recent discovery in Volkswagens Wolfsburg based factory.

Over the past few months, Volkswagen has been expanding their Wolfsburg based factory in order to produce more of their Golf, Tiguan and Toureg vehicles. As time has elapsed, the construction workers have found four mysterious black objects. These objects have now been puzzled together as the final piece of the jigsaw was soon later discovered. This final piece was in fact an armed and unexploded 400 lb American bomb dating back to the Second World War.

This specific Wolfsburg factory was built in 1938 to produce Hitler’s KdF Wagen, which would later become the VW Beetle we recognise today. But as the war progressed, the factories efforts changed to the production of military vehicles. As a result of this, the factory and its surrounding area became an ever increasing target for US bombings. This is why there have been multiple bombs found, with the most recent one just a few weeks ago.

The factory employs around 60,000 people and there are 125,000 people living in Wolfsburg, but luckily only 700 people needed to be evacuated. The danger was quickly averted, no one was harmed or injured and production was not stopped at all. This must be a regular occurrence around the Wolfsburg plant, so for the factory workers it must not have been an extraordinary occurrence at all.