Volkswagen-and-the-UK-GovernmentThe Volkswagen emissions scandal has been in the news for months and months now. As the full story and the compensation packages are becoming clearer to the general public, UK motorists are starting to wonder what is going to happen here in regards to their defect vehicles.

The US has been at the centre of the scandal since they uncovered it in September 2015. More recently however, they have been able to secure either large compensation packages or a suitable plan regarding the faulty cars for American Volkswagen owners. In Germany, they have seen the start of multiple recalls which is a small step in the right direction. But in the UK, it has been an extremely slow process that hasn’t actually gone anywhere.

As a result, ministers have been accused of ‘frightening complacency’ and of ‘being more concerned with protecting the reputation of Volkswagen.’ In the UK, there are around 1.2 million Volkswagen and Audi badged cars fitted with the defect device which sparked the scandal. The owners of these vehicles have been alerted by VW, but that is as far as it has gone. There hasn’t been a single recall as of yet.

The UK government have instead, undertaken a £1 million investigation into vehicles’ real world emissions. The study found that most brands were breaking the emissions law but again, there has not been a single car yet repaired by VW which may be a more important issue for some right now. VW have also not been scrutinised within the court of law. But, what might be the worst act undertaken by the government is the lack of information released to the public. It does seem as if the government are attempting to protect the Volkswagen name. The UK has certainly been slow in comparison to its American and European counterparts.

As soon as more information is released by our government and, until there is a clear direction to head in, then the emissions scandal will seem as if it is just being consistently swept under the rug in the UK.