As the first quarter of the year is over, some businesses have release their official selling figures. The companies of the automotive world are therefore no different. But after all of the scandals that have shocked the motoring world in recent months, it has turned out that Volkswagen, the company who danced with the devil, have come out better than before. Volkswagen-Are-the-World’s-Top-Car-Seller Toyota have been the company to sell the most amount of vehicles for four years running but, for the first quarter of 2016, they have been beaten by Volkswagen. Toyota’s sales declined by 2.3 percent between January and March as they only managed to sell 2.46 million cars. General Motors who usually take the third spot also saw a decrease of 2.5 percent by selling 2.36 million vehicles. With these two companies performance, one would guess that VW’s sales would have fallen too, just less than Toyota and GM’s did. Well, you would have been wrong. Volkswagen saw an increase of 0.8% in their sales for the first quarter, selling 2.51 million vehicles. It is absolutely astonishing that Volkswagen has managed to do this considering how they tarnished their reputation in September 2015. But, there has been a very high demand for Audi and Porsche’s in both Western Europe and China. Plus, Skoda has also seen a huge rise in their sales. So, when the four badges are combined, it is no wonder why they have done so well. Toyota has also seen their sales decline as a result of manufacturing problems. Parts have been difficult to get hold of for two reasons. Firstly, there was a fire and an explosion at one of the Toyota factories leading to a shortage of parts and shortage of vehicles being made. Secondly, as a result of the recent earthquakes occurring in Japan, manufacturing has been painfully slow. The external problems have most certainly caused a decrease in Toyota sales. Even if there have been external reasons for Toyota’s poor sales, would Volkswagen still have been the world’s top car seller for the first quarter? The only way to see is by keeping a careful eye open on what will occur in the remaining three.