The Volkswagen CC is set to hit the UK market in April in what is a replacement of the Passat CC. The car will cost £24,200 for the standard model.

The fact that the “Passat” section of the model name has dropped means that the car is looking to gain a sportier type of reputation rather than a family one.

The car’s appearance has been updated to appeal to drivers who want an edgier type of style. The front bumper has a new sportier type of design along with the rear bumper. The vehicle’s number of seats has increased by one, giving the Volkswagen CC five seats in total.

Same engines

Despite the name change, the car will come with the same range of engines. These include the petrol options of a 1.8 TFSI which is able to produce 158 BHP and another variant achieving a maximum of 207 BHP. The diesel range includes the 2.0 TDI producing 138 BHP and 169 BHP. The only change sees the powerful V6 petrol engine being abandoned. The 138 BHP diesel variant is expected to remain as the Volkswagen CC’s number one seller again.

Economical benefits

The economical benefits along with the wonderfully smooth drive that it offers are the main appealing points for the car. If it is fuel economy that your after, the Bluemotion diesel variant is said to average 60.1 MPG emitting just 125g/km of C02.

Great deal of equipment

The car’s safety equipment has been upgraded to include city emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, a drowsiness monitor, lane assist and high beam assist, all being available as options. Other new options include climate controlled seats, which will come in handy during all seasons.

Decent manoeuvrability

The car hasn’t quite moved division as of yet in terms of driving like a sportier and faster car. The Volkswagen CC still provides quite an agile drive and is offers great stability around corners.

Wonderful Interior

Sitting inside the cabin, the car is filled with great quality and certainly feels like a luxury vehicle. The equipment includes Bluetooth connectivity ability along with the ability to connect their iPod. The dual zone climate control is a wonderful piece of equipment which allows everyone to sit in comfort during different types of weathers.
The Volkswagen CC is sure to make a big impact when it arrives on the UK car market.