Since the emissions scandal rocked the motoring world, Volkswagen has tried to ensure that they will bounce back as a reputable company again. Volkswagen like any other business in that situation, have created a plan in order to deal with the 11 million cars that were installed with the emissions cheating software. That plan involves compensation, recalls and the fixing of the vehicles or VW will buy the faulty car back. So this is how VW are dealing with the fallout from the scandal but, how do they plan to advance as a business again?


Matthias Mueller, Volkswagens CEO has created a long term business plan that he hopes will change the face of the company. The plan basically revolves around the electric car. This does sound like the best possible idea which can be undertaken by VW considering the last few tainted months. Mueller believes that he can change the fortunes of the company by making the electric car a trademark of the Volkswagen name. He believes that the company will have around 20 electric cars to choose from by 2020. This will certainly be an impressive achievement if accomplished and by that time, the scandal may just be all but forgotten about.

Matthias Mueller then released a very surprising aspect of his Volkswagen business plan. He argues that there will be a legally independent company set up to compete in the mobility service business. So, will Volkswagen be able to compete with the big guns in the car sharing world? And, will Volkswagen be able to compete with the likes of Uber at all?

The plan which has been unveiled by Volkswagens CEO Matthias Mueller is the best possible course that the company can go down. This being said, it has emerged the Volkswagen were the world’s top seller of cars for the first quarter of 2016 anyway. With this information, is the car sharing part of this business plan is actually necessary? We will have to wait and see…