Volkswagen is known for developing unique and groundbreaking technology but no one would have expected them to create a car designed for under the sea.
The whole underwater idea from Volkswagen derived from the 25th anniversary of Shark Week, an annual instalment from the Discovery Channel. The celebration ran from the 15th August to the 19th of August.
The vehicle in question is actually a Volkswagen Beetle. The car is remarkably able to drive around the bottom, revving and chasing sharks. There are some excellent underwater camera shots of sharks with the diver catching some incredible images.
The Volkswagen Beetle is certainly not the typical model that you may see on the road. It has been heavily stripped down with just the aluminium frame. The alloy wheels are nicely attached to the frame. There is an inbuilt air system built into the Volkswagen which allows the driver to keep breathing whilst underwater. The vehicle has twin propellers allowing the vehicle to drive around underwater.

Shark fans are in for a great treat. They will get the chance to watch the process of how the Volkswagen Beetle underwater car was made. The design process along with the actual development and testing will be shown. This segment is sure to be of great interest to many. The whole vehicle took 3 weeks to build.
The vehicle is certainly one of a kind and a very interesting and unique piece of machinery. Being able to drive around sharks in such conditions is quite remarkable.
Volkswagen has clearly taken advantage of the world famous shark week. Having a Volkswagen Beetle, fully fitted with 19 inch wheels is sure to give the company great exposure.
This is not the first time that the Volkswagen Beetle has been on such an adventure. Back in the 1970’s there was an advert of a floating Beetle in a lake. The whole idea was to prove that the car was water tight.
Volkswagen’s underwater car is a way of celebrating shark week that’s not exactly conventional. We are sure that the car will attract more fans to Shark week and help the Discovery channel celebrate what is quite a unique event.