Volkswagen-Damaged-AgainEveryone knows what has happened to Volkswagen in the last few months. The emissions scandal has plagued the company and has become an industry wide problem. The company, up until recently, have seen their sales and stocks plummet. It has been extremely difficult for the company to bounce back and it seems like Volkswagens plan to move on may be halted in the United States.

There is now an investigation underway against Volkswagen and its subsidiaries in regards to a patent over their hybrid and electric vehicles. If the investigation goes against the company, then Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi and other Volkswagen group manufacturers may not be able to import or sell hybrid or electric vehicles in the US. This may be extremely detrimental to the company who at this moment in time, plan to utilise these vehicles to help them to move on from the emissions scandal.

Although the US International Trade Commission says that they have reached no decisions over the patent infringement, the result will probably not go Volkswagens way. Paice LLC has been at the forefront of the hybrid world for almost 20 years now and it is this company which are fighting Volkswagen over the patent. Paice and Volkswagen worked on hybrid technology between 2001 and 2004 but Volkswagen later dropped the company to work on other projects. The company now wants a deal in order for their technology, which is found in the Volkswagen group’s hybrid vehicles, to be recognised and protected.

The same technology is found in Toyota, Hyundai and Kia vehicles and all of these companies have signed deals with the Baltimore based company. Therefore, Volkswagen must sign the patent deal in order to import and sell their vehicles in the US. Although Volkswagen have declined to comment on the matter, it would be extremely wise for them to sign a deal sooner rather than later considering all that has recently occurred with their diesel vehicles…