We have already taken a look at the Golf Cabriolet but today we inspect the specific 1.4 TSI variant.

The new Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI Cabriolet was released last year after 9 years of production being halted .It provides a wonderful drive and stunning looks. We discuss why the car is so great and why it is better than ever.

Roof technology

The soft top vehicle has a light roof mechanism so that emissions are kept down to a minimum. This move was taken by Volkswagen after rivals were doing their but to improve car emissions.


When the roof is down the win noise is kept to a minimal thanks to the classy features within the car. This includes quality roof liners and a great deal of insulation. At high speeds the car is still move and the ride is still quiet.


The roof itself can be raised quite easily and put back into place without much effort. Both operations are possible at speeds of up to 18 MPH.

Protection modules

Protection of passengers at the rear of the car is not made as obvious as the Audi A3 Cabriolet.  Rollover protection modules are not in sight but are able to be used in just a few seconds. This helps the car look that bit more attractive compared to the Audi A3 Cabriolet.

Engine variants

There a great amount of both petrol and diesel engines to choose from, giving something for every type of driver.

In total there are four petrol models. These comprise of a 1.2 litre TSI capable of producing 104 BHP, two variants of a 1.4 litre TSI each producing 158 BHP and 120 BHP and a 2.0 TSI engine which is able to produce 207 BHP.
The two diesel models consist of a 1.6 litre 104 BHP model as well as a 2.0 litre TDI which is able to produce 138 BHP.


Steering is sharp, responsive and wonderfully weighted. The Golf Cabriolet 1.4 TSI has a great balance to it and is able to change direction quickly. The driving experience overall is quite a satisfying one.


Gearbox transmission

There is a seven speed dual clutch automatic available but the six speed manual we believe is satisfying enough. It combines wonderfully with the car’s twincharged powertrain and is quite fun to utilise on the road.


The car has proved to be a popular one since its release with the Volkswagen Eos coupe cabriolet, another stunning open top car. We believe it’s popularity will continue to get stronger and stronger.