Volkswagen has recorded sales growth globally for January. Last year Europe’s largest manufacturer sold 644,200 cars whereas this year’s figures saw a 652,500 sales figure. Overall this results in growth of 1.3%.

North American sales

Volkswagen is showing great progress in the North American region. January saw total sales figures of 53,500 which is up from the 41,900 sold in the same period last year, representing growth of 27.7%. 36,700 vehicles were sold in the United States with 26,300 sold in January of 2011. That equates to growth of 39.5%.

Sales in South America

Sales in South America equated to 78,100 cars sold which is greater than the 74,700 cars sold in January 2011. This represents a pleasing 4.6 % growth.

Asia / Pacific region

The Asia / Pacific region saw a poor sales decline of 2.5 %. Last year in January, Volkswagen sold 239,500 which is greater than the 233,500 sold this year.


China, the world’s largest car market and Volkswagen’s largest market within the region recorded sales of 208,200, which is the vast majority. 2011 January sales saw figures of 217,900. This represents a decline of 4.5 %.


The Indian car market made great readings for Volkswagen, selling 9,400 in January this year which is a 28.4 % growth from 2011, when Volkswagen sold 7,400 in January.

Europe sales

In Europe, where there is a massive car market decline at present, Volkswagen managed to sell 259,000 in January 2012. This represented a 1% decline with Volkswagen selling 262,500 last year within the same period. The European region excluding Germany saw sales figures of 144,400 in January which is down from the 156,700 sold in January 2011. That equates to a 7.8 % decline.

Central and Eastern European car markets fared much better. 41,400 cars were sold in January 2012 which is 33.6 % higher than the 31,000 sold in January 2011.


Germany itself saw a decline in sales, with 74,100 sold this year and 74,800 sold last year in January.

Christian Klingler, a Board Member for Sales at Volkswagen has recently come out and said not too much should be read into the growth figure as there are difficult times to come. He said “We have made an encouraging start, but 2012 will be a challenging year. As expected, the prevailing economic uncertainty is impacting the automotive industry. We will continue to keep a very close eye on the market situation, particularly in Europe.”

Volkswagen is clearly doing well at present. They may become even stronger rivals to general Motors this year for that number one spot.