VW_ChinaVolkswagen has recalled 384,181 vehicles in China. Gearbox problems triggered the largest ever recall from the German company in China. The recall date has been set for the 2nd of April.

Sudden loss of power

Vehicle’s suffer from the loss of power and acceleration without any warning. Direct shift gearboxes may interfere with the vehicle’s power.  Drivers can remain in control of the vehicle Volkswagen have said. Models involved in the recall include the Volkswagen Passat, Sagitar, Bora, Touran and Golf. Audi, the luxury brand that are part of the Volkswagen Group are also part of the recall. A3 cars that were built between February 2010 and June 2011 will also be recalled in China.

This will come as a blow to Europe’s largest car manufacturer. China is their biggest market, exceeding their home country of Germany, which takes some doing.

Chinese partners

Volkswagen’s success in China has been down majorly to their ventures with Chinese companies SAIC Motor and the FAW Group. 2012 saw 2.8 million cars sold in China for Volkswagen. Ambitious Volkswagen want to increase that figure to four million over the next five years. Currently they are the country’s biggest foreign car seller.

Gearbox transmission

Volkswagen was exposed in China’s most watched television program. They run an investigation on the company and how their direct shift gearbox transmission was causing vehicles to slow down and accelerate at unexpected times.


Volkswagen did release a statement explaining the situation. It read “In isolated cases, an electronic malfunction in the control unit or a lack of oil pressure inside the gearbox Mechatronics may result in a power interruption. The most important vehicle systems, such as steering and braking, along with other relevant systems will not be affected”.

VW, which makes cars in China in partnership with SAIC Motor Corp Ltd and FAW Group, sold 2.81 million cars in the country last year. It plans to almost double production capacity in the country to 4 million in the next five years.

Although the gearbox problem will come as negative press, it will not majorly affect the company’s standing in China. They are sure to overcome this blip and remain as the country’s number one foreign maker.