Volkswagen will put a large majority of an $82.5 billion investment fund into creating cars which are more fuel efficient and friendly towards the environment.

Volkswagen to make cars and factories greener

As announced by us last year, Volkswagen had set out a huge budget which had the ultimate aim of making the company the number one car producer by 2018. The latest pledge announced by the company will see the greener vehicles in question come over the next four years. However it is not just Volkswagen models that will be friendlier towards to the environment. Volkswagen, following the pledges of Ford, will also make their factories more efficient.

“Think Blue”

Volkswagen’s “Think Blue” campaign has gone a long way in helping the company enhance their reputation as being a car brand that cares about customer fuel bills and that is environmentally friendly.  This latest announcement will go even further in doing so.

Leading car brand for environmental credentials

Dr Martin Winterkorn, Chairman of the Volkswagen Group Board of Management said that he aims to make the company not only the leading automaker in the world, but the leading car brand in terms environmental credentials. He said “Geneva 2012 marks the start of a fundamental ecological restructuring of the Volkswagen Group. Our declared goal is to make Volkswagen the leading automaker in ecological terms, too.”

The MQB is efficient too

The much talked about Modular Traverse Toolkit, also known as MQB contains a great deal of intelligent technology that will help vehicles become more efficient. This structure will become a standard across all Volkswagen brands inside all cars as part of a generalisation and cost cutting measure. Mr Winterkorn said “Based on the MQB, the Volkswagen Group’s efficiency technologies will be available as standard in all new models over the coming years. The next big milestones this year are the Audi A3 and our best-selling model, the Golf,”

Greenhouse emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions from Volkswagen factories are expected to be reduced by 40 per cent over the next eight years. $800 million will go towards investment towards renewable energies which include solar, wind and hydroelectric.

Mr Winterkorn said “Volkswagen is not only working on developing the most environmentally-friendly vehicles, but also on building them with the greatest possible sustainability. That is why we have set ourselves the target of making production in the Volkswagen Group 25 percent more environmentally compatible by 2018,”

According to Volkswagen, models in 2015 will be 30 per cent better off in terms of emissions compared to models made in 2006. Every model made after 2015 will be 10 per cent better off with generation. That is certainly a very ambitious target indeed. Plenty of targets for 2018 then.