Volkswagen is dominating most of the motor industry at the moment with high sales, green technology, profit margins and more. It seems as if they are not fully content with that and wish to pursue a future in Motorsport.

Wolfgang Durheimer the head of Formula 1 has said that Volkswagen is taking the idea seriously and has drawn up proposals.

The idea was taken more seriously when F1 had announced that 1.6 litre V6 engines would be used from 2014.

Not everyone wants to go ahead

Not everyone is up for the idea however. Ferdinand Piech, the Chairman of Volkswagen’s Board is not up for the idea apparently.

F1 completely dominant

Durheimer stated that just how important the F1 competition is around the world. He said “by far the greatest importance. It dominates the racing scene in Europe and Asia”.


The United States would not have much of a market for F1 and it would prove difficult to conquer. Currently only IndyCar and NASCAR are the main motorsport forces in America. There is still hope for the future however that F1 will take off in the country.

Teaming up with Toro Rosso

Volkswagen may enter by providing engine rather than creating a whole new driving force, potentially teaming up with Toro Rosso.

Previous rejection

This is a slight change of tune by Volkswagen. Since March of 2011 Volkswagen ruled out the possibility of any members of their brand joining the championship (The Volkswagen Group consists of Audi, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, SEAT and Skoda)

FIA welcoming

The FIA have been welcome to the idea that Volkswagen may join however. They have been trying for a while to bring in the best of the best into F1. They have even gone as far as bringing about a four cylinder engine proposal so that Audi may be attracted to the sport. That idea never worked however with Audi rejecting the idea.

Volkswagen may become a sub brand by 2018 of F1. The Audi brand may be a very interesting team to join the F1 team especially considering that Mercedes-Benz and BMW are already involved.

If Volkswagen do eventually enter the world of F1 it will certainly provide very healthy competition from the world’s fastest growing car brand.