Yes. You read that right. Volkswagen have put the emissions scandal woes behind them with a good fry up.

Whilst admitting fixing cheat devices to their cars to violate emissions standards back in 2014 may have hurt their reputation as carmakers, it has done nothing to harm the German company’s standing as good, honest butchers and bakers. Car sales dropped 4.8 percent from 6.12 million to 5.82 million in 2015, and have most likely kept dropping since, but Volkswagen’s Currywurst sausage saw sales increase.

Volkswagen sausage’s sales sizzle

We don’t know if the real news here is that the sales have increased, or that Volkswagen even sell sausages to begin with, but they definitely do sell sausages and a lot of them at that. Last year Volkswagen sold a meaty 7.3 million of their branded currywurst. If that wasn’t news that is making Volkswagen bosses lick their lips, it turns out they also sell ketchup (because what is a sausage without the sauce?) and production of the ketchup reached a record production level of 608,208 kg, up from 536,826 kg in 2014.

While Volkswagen execs may be feeling like wieners (last sausage related pun… we promise) with their stocks plummeting, sales coming to a grinding halt and finding themselves on a list of NGO (non-governmental organisations’) most hated brands for the first time ever, at least they have some good news going for them then.

If this whole ‘deceiving over eleven million consumers across the world’ thing doesn’t blow over, they can re-brand themselves as the premier provider of BBQ essentials. It’s always good to have a plan B.