VW paid a heavy price for Dieselgate. Part of the company’s penance was an enforced shove towards electrification. To be fair, the strides towards this made by the company to date have been significant. A huge development programme is well underway and is already starting to bear fruit.

That said, Volkswagen have revealed they have no plans to release plug-in hybrid vehicles in the US.

Herbert Diess, VW’s brand head, said they have no plans to offer PHEVs in the States. In a recent interview, Diess said that plug-in hybrids just don’t make sense for the United States and they might not make sense in Europe either. He said that current tax incentives don’t make the cars an attractive choice.

They do, however, make sense in China, and the introduction of PHEV vehicles there is under consideration.

VW are keen for opportunities to utilise their newer EV-centric architecture – the Modular Electrification Toolkit, intending to use it as a base for their newer electric vehicles. Diess hopes that recently revealed concepts such as the I.D. Buzz will shine a spotlight on the company’s more eco-friendly future, putting more miles between them and dieselgate.

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