The Volkswagen “Think Blue” campaign has made another announcement. They aim to reduce the environmental damage caused by factories by 25 per cent over the next six years.

What exact measurements are under scrutiny?

This includes carbon dioxide emissions, waste volumes, water consumption and energy consumption, all of which are taken into account during vehicle production.  These specific measurements will be reduced under Volkswagen’s new plans.

Europe’s biggest car producer has already stated that they aim to become the world’s number one car manufacturer by 2018.

Hubert Waltl

Hubert Waltl, an important member of the Board for Volkswagen said the new target will not affect the others intended for 2018. His exact statement read “Through the growing efficiency and productivity of our plants, the Volkswagen brand is already making a key contribution to the achievements of Group strategic targets for 2018. However, we are going a step further: by 2018, we intend to make production at all our plants 25 per cent more environmentally compatible,”


Volkswagen are implementing a very clever strategy in order to succeed in the future. With their Bluemotion range, they are creating cars that are fuel efficient and also friendly towards the environment. The fact that their “Think Blue” campaign has now taken that step further and promised to make their factory process less harmful to the environment will do wonders for their reputation.

Performing well

Their major ambitions for the year 2018 are seemingly on track. They broke sales records last year across the world. The Volkswagen Group which includes the brands of Bentley, Porsche and Audi are all performing better than expected globally. Many expect Volkswagen to overtake Toyota as the world’s number one car producer before 2018.

Platinum certification

In terms of their factories being greener, their plant in Tennessee recently received platinum certification by the Environmental Design programme and Leadership in Energy. This was the first ever car factory to achieve such a feat. If they manage to keep up this type of progress, they will surely manage to achieve that target before 2018.

Is there any stopping Volkswagen? They seem to be going from strength to strength even in extremely tough car markets. We believe they may even achieve their targets before 2018.