VW-Caddy-gets-funky-Black-EditionVW has released another Black edition of the Caddy, featuring various premium priced touches.

Blacked-out editions of models seem to be in vogue at the moment with various manufacturers, VW the latest to follow suit with the Caddy getting the treatment. It’s set to be available to buy from the end of November, and will be priced at £19,370 before VAT. Naturally, the Caddy is a van, so what we essentially have here is a limited edition, high spec version of Volkswagen’s smallest commercial vehicle.

This isn’t the first time the Caddy has been given the dark treatment, and resembling the previous generation’s blacked out version, a generous amount of kit and equipment is on offer for far less than it would cost on a regular edition model.

Cost wise, after VAT the Black Edition Caddy is priced £800 over the current range topper – the Highline’s – starting price. However, VW have said that independently, the cost of the extras featured on the Black Edition would total £2,000.

The exterior of the Caddy features a luxurious coating of Deep Black pearlescent paint, and black roof rails, colour coded bumpers and mirrors, 17-inch two-tone black and silver alloy wheels, and lowered suspension. Overall, the Black Edition Caddy sits 27mm to give a sportier appearance.

The interior is fully carpeted; the steering wheel is leather and multi-functional – as is the gear knob. The windscreen is heated and the van is fully air-conditioned. As you’d expect there’s Cruise control, a DAB+ radio, and VW’s Driver Alert System – a safety feature that can detect if tiredness is impairing your driving.

The Caddy gets a 2.0-litre four-cylinder TDI diesel engine with 101bhp, which VW claims returns 60.1mpg on a combined cycle, with CO2 emissions of 123g/km. Space in the back remains at 3,200-litres, with a maximum payload of 628kg.

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