German car maker VW celebrated a significant landmark last week as the firm’s 150 millionth car was delivered to a customer.

In what could be interpreted as a nod towards the company’s long term future, the 150 millionth car turned out to be a plug-in hybrid Golf GTE – far removed from the tainted legacy of dieselgate.

The car was delivered to its new home in Norway, a country that can boast an impressively green statistic: 37 percent of all new cars sold are plug-in hybrids. The new owner was long time VW customer Turid Sedahl Knutsen.

“The Golf GTE gives customers a climate-friendly choice,” said Knutsen. “Not only that, it’s very sporty and great fun to drive, too. I’m thrilled with the new technology.”

Since its reputation was severely tarnished by the diesel emissions scandal, Volkswagen have accelerated plans to electrify the range. By 2025, it is expected there will be a million electric VWs on the roads.

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