London can be a law unto itself. Driving in the capital can be pretty hairy, especially if you’re not familiar with the often cavalier approach of other drivers. This festive period, we have a few tips for our VW drivers brave enough to venture into the mean streets of the big smoke.

  1. Be prepared. Before you head into London, do some research so you know what to expect. Google your route (other navigational software is available), consider unplanned situations that could arise: congestion, accidents, roadworks, the numerous one-way systems, charges, parking, pedestrianised areas, etc. The feeling of blind panic as you hit Oxford Circus junction and not knowing which way to go is one you’ll thank me to avoid. If you have a GPS – use it!

  2. You’ll have to pay. If you’re heading into central London during the week, you’ll have to pay the congestion charge. There’s also the T-charge now, for more polluting vehicles. Anticipate the charges so you’re not left suddenly out of pocket.

  3. Be alert. Sounds silly perhaps as you’re unlikely to doze off at the wheel coming down Tottenham Court Road (if you do, perhaps you shouldn’t be driving at all) but there are so many people in London, for outsiders it can be overwhelming the first time. Cyclist can swerve out of nowhere; buses will think nothing about pulling into traffic; black cabs will drop off passengers right in front of you. Remain vigilant!

  4. Concentrate. Okay, I could perhaps have run this on from point four – we’re just repeating ourselves now. It’s an important message though, so we’ll reiterate it. CONCENTRATE!

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