VW-execs-ordered-to-pay-back-private-jet-costsVolkswagen executives have been ordered to repay millions of euros, after reports emerged that they had used the company’s private jet, for holiday travel.

Newspapers in Germany are running stories describing how one senior chief, used the corporate jet to fly his entire family to Thailand for a holiday. Another used it to travel to Vienna for a luxury spa weekend.

Executives at the German car maker were permitted to use the aircraft for travel as part of a generous expenses package.

Despite the real cost of the flights racking up as much as €10,000 (£8,400) an hour, the managers who flew on the private jets were only charged the same as commercial air fares.

After Volkswagen decided to stop the practise, some of the jet-setting executives have been handed bills as much as £840,000.

The company has so far declined to comment on the reports, but Bild am Sonntag quoted a company spokesman who had said the matter was an internal one, and no laws had been broken.

“The expenses were all handled correctly and in line with the relevant tax laws,” he told the newspaper.

All the flights were believed to have been several years ago, but the claims have only recently come to light.

While they were taken whilst the company was under different management, it will still act as an unwanted distraction with the company still reeling following the diesel emissions scandal.

Bild reported that many of the executives caught up in the affair are still employed in high profile positions at the company.

In addition to the budget air flight, they were also permitted to stay at company-owned villas for free.

The practises were brought to a halt in 2014 by Ferdinand Piech, who was then VW’s chairman of the supervisory board.

Following the cessation, executives have had to pay commercial prices for the use of company property.

Tighter rules have also been introduced regarding the company’s use of chauffeur-driven company vehicles.

Senior executives, who work away from home, are still permitted to take free flights back on company jets at weekends.

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