VW-pulls-Lamborgini-and-Bentley-our-of-Paris-Motor-ShowIn what appears to be cost cutting measures, VW has pulled Lamborghini and Bentley – both part of its umbrella – out of next week’s Paris Motor Show. Still reeling in the wake of the emissions scandal, the German car maker is looking for ways to cut its cloth accordingly, in the wake of what has been a highly costly year.

A year on from its admission of deploying emissions cheating software in its cars, VW is restructuring itself financially in an attempt to deal with the vast swathes of lawsuits, fines and payments due as a result of the controversy.

A statement from Bentley on Monday, said it was to skip the Paris show and would concentrate instead on smaller scale events in an attempt to appeal more directly to buyers. Lamborghini meanwhile, said it was revising strategy regarding auto show attendance, including the choice of locations where the Italian brand wants to be.

Cars shows, such as Paris, cost car companies small fortunes, as all involved try to outdo one another in the spectacular stakes. VW will dispense with a flashy gala, and will showcase stationary cars and executive speeches on design, a spokesman said.

“A crisis can lead to marginalisation, but it can also mark the turning point for something better, for a real change of tack,” Chief Executive Matthias Mueller announced at a staff meeting in the German city of Wolfsburg in mid September. “We need to re-jig the group” to boost profitability and catch up on new technologies, he said.

Lamborghini and Bentley are not the only famous names to miss the Paris show. Ford, Volvo, and Aston Martin have also confirmed they will not be attending. In some ways, this is to be expected when cost is factored into the equation. Nowadays, a large amount of showcasing and promotion of new models and concepts happens online, with motoring shows not as effective as they once were. The world is changing in this respect and Lamborghini, which has always operated within a niche market, is intending to anticipate these changes, the carmaker said.

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