Volkswagen has been forced to recall 281,000 cars in the US after it was found their pumps were liable to fail, causing them to suddenly stall.

All of the affected cars were in the US, the models affected were the CC (2009 – 2016) and the Passat sedan and wagon (2006 – 2010). All cars have four-cylinder engines.

VW stated that it was possible for the fuel pump computer to lose electrical power, thereby halting the flow of petrol and causing the engine to stop.

The same issue could also cause the fuel pump to continue running after the engine has been turned off.

VW will officially notify all affected car owners in October, with further communication coming once the necessary replacement computers are available. The recall will then see dealerships carry out the swap, which will involve them being relocated to another part of the vehicle so they are less susceptible to heat and mechanical stress.

Volkswagen has said that to date no crashes or injuries in the US have been caused by the issue.

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