VW to consider reimbursing drivers of older diesels

Volkswagen is to consider a new initiative that sees UK drivers of its older diesels reimbursed.

In an attempt to calm the gathering political storm surrounding diesel car pollution levels, the German automaker has already offered to pay drivers in its home country up to €10,000 as an incentive to trade their older vehicles in for newer, cleaner models. It’s now deciding whether or not to do the same thing in the UK. If a decision is made to go ahead, reimbursements could start to be made towards the middle of August.

Volkswagen also has Audi, Porsche, Skoda and Seat amongst its subsidiary car brands and UK owners of these cars would be eligible for the scheme.

A VW spokesman said in a statement: “We’re at an early stage at the moment but each of the Volkswagen Group UK brands will be considering the benefits of such a scheme in the UK.”

BMW has already revealed its own plans to reimburse owners of its older models, who will be given up to £2,000 to put towards hybrid or electric vehicles in its range.


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