The-Scirocco-Has-Returned-With-a-BangThe Volkswagen Scirocco has been darting around the streets of the world now since 1974 and now, it is about to have its third (or fourth upgrade, depending on how you would like to view it). The Scirocco has kept to its roots with this new generation. It is simple, classy yet has the power to really turn heads. There are multiple models that can be purchased including the limited edition ‘R-Line Black Edition’ and a ‘GT Black Edition’. But, it is the flagship R model which has certainly caught the motoring world’s attention.

As the Scirocco’s flagship vehicle, the R version is most certainly the most modest hatch back that money can buy. Looking like all the other models except from some sportier skirting, two air scoops and an ‘R’ on the grille, there is very little separating all of the models. But then, there is a 280bhp 2.0 litre engine and a DSG gearbox which really does change the whole vehicle and sets it far apart from the other Scirocco models. The Volkswagen Scirocco R can therefore hit top speeds of 155 mph and, can do 0-60mph in 5.5 seconds. So, the hatchback is very very quick but, it is amazing how well this has been hidden.


The vehicles interior also presents an air of understatement. There are three retro dials which present a flashback to the past versions of the model; there is a new dashboard which is simple in design and, full leather upholstery. But like all modern cars, there is the option of purchasing plenty of different upgrades.

The Scirocco R is an extremely impressive vehicle and we are glad that this vehicle has gone through its next set of changes. The technical statistics which the vehicle can accomplish are so beautifully hidden amongst the cars simple yet classy design that you just can’t help but admire the design and engineering steps undertaken.

The Scirocco is sold the most in China and is closely followed by the UK, so see if you can spot the difference between the R and other versions of the model…