Volkswagen has yet again won more praise, this time in the form of a prestigious award handed by respected automotive car magazine and website Whatcar? The Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion was presented with the best green family car award this week at the Battersea Power Station in London.

Why Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion won this award?

It can produce 105bhp and has a 1.6 Litre TDI engine. It has an outstanding fuel economy of 74.3mg and emits just 99g/km. A test by car experts showed that the car can reach 899 miles just from a full tank of diesel, which is an amazing statistic.
Bluemotion is a new line of technology released by Volkswagen that aims to make cars better for the environment and more fuel efficient too.

Bluemotion technology

• Recuperation – Recovering energy when applying the brakes
• Stop Start – Stopping the engine when the car is idle
• Low rolling resistance – More efficient tyres using less energy
• Aerodynamics – Making the whole car more aerodynamic so there is less drag
• Gear change recommendation – An onboard system will look at the driving pattern and recommend when to change gear

Other features making the car great

Making the car more attractive is the 15inch alloys that comes as standard. The car also sits quite low and has splitters and spoilers. These features are implemented purely for aerodynamic purposes but at the same time give the car a stylish and sporty look. The handling is also improved, giving a good driving experience, something which some green cars fail to deliver effectively.

Another factor that makes the Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion a great car is how well practical and comfortable it is too. The car is smooth leaving many not feeling the bumps on different road surfaces. All Golf’s are typically practical, making it a perfect modern day family car.
It has a competitive price making it an affordable car to purchase. The running costs as mentioned are also manageable to many.

Volkswagen has really implemented technology that is nothing short of mind blowing. The economical statistics are mightily impressive and the recent award is a testament as to how well it has done so far. The Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion appears to be a blueprint for cars of the future, with many increasingly struggling to pay fuel bills and the environment being damaged severely by car pollution