Autumn-drivingOf all the seasons, summer seems to speed by fastest. As leaves turn brown and the nights slowly start to draw in, we have to reluctantly accept that autumn is just round the corner. Whilst not quite throwing at us the same horrors winter is capable of, driving at this time of year does present a few challenges for VWs and their drivers to remain aware of. Before taking to the roads, here are some safe driving tips from Volkswagen on how to handle the roads this autumn.

  1. Across the UK, the start of autumn heralds the start of a new school year. Roads will naturally become busier during the mornings so it’s important to be aware of the extra traffic on the road. Cars, coaches, mini buses, cyclists will all be picking up and dropping off in the vicinity of schools so congestion is likely. If driving in the proximately of a school, be vigilant for students crossing the road.
  2. As the temperatures start to fall, we can expect fog in the mornings. If you do find yourself driving in fog, don’t turn on your high beams. This merely has the adverse effect of reflecting the light straight back at the driver, making visibility worse. Drive slowly and keep your beams low.
  3. Not as applicable for city dwellers, but for those of us living rurally, autumn marks the start of the deer mating season. The animals are more active at this time of year so if driving in remote areas, remain vigilant for roaming deer – especially at nights. Hitting a deer at speed is incredibly dangerous for all involved.
  4. Keeps eyes peeled for rain and ice. One thing autumn brings is cool, crisp mornings and if the temperature falls low enough this often results in iced up windows. Make sure windows are sufficiently de-iced before you depart and if you run into foul weather on your way to school or work, keep the speed slow and steady.
  5. The changing leaves on the trees makes autumn a beautiful time of year. Unfortunately, those leaves end up coating the roads, making things slippery and also obscuring important traffic road markings. Take extra care if driving on a road coated in leaves.