Find-the-right-oil-for-your-VolkswagenIn order to maximise performance and increase overall fuel economy, it’s important to use the right blend of oil with your Volkswagen. When topping up your engine oil levels, Volkswagen recommends using Castrol EDGE Professional Longlife III 5W-30, the original engine oil your VW was first lubricated with. You can enquire at your nearest dealer for the exact blend required for your particular vehicle.

Castrol EDGE Professional is boosted with Titanium FST and is the oil producer’s strongest and most advanced range of engine oil. Titanium FST alters the way the oil behaves under extreme pressure to form shocking absorbing pads to prevent ‘metal to metal’ contact across wide variety of driving speeds. It lowers overall friction and maximises engine performance whilst boosting efficiency. Engine power and torque is maintained between service intervals through sustained control of oil viscosity.

Using Castrol EDGE Professional ultimately cuts the running cost of your VW. It’s been specifically co-engineered for Volkswagen’s Long Life service intervals. In addition to this, it’s also Castrol’s most environmentally friendly oil, reducing carbon footprints.

Topping up your oil

  • With today’s demanding driving conditions, it’s more important than ever to check your oil regularly.
  • Waiting till the oil light comes on is often too late.
  • Ensure you’re topping up with the correct specification of oil.
  • Low oil levels or the wrong oil can cause harm to your engine.
  • Ask your dealer for a 1 litre top up kit to ensure you have the correct oil for your car.

1 in 3 cars need their oil topped up. It’s important to regularly check your oil levels in order to maintain your vehicle’s engine performance. If necessary, top up your oil.

You can ask your nearest Volkswagen retailer for a convenient top up kit. Included are a handy set of pouches, oil funnel, wipes, gloves and Velcro fixings to keep it firmly attached and safe within your boot.

When you do top up, pour the oil gradually. Don’t add too much as it may lead to engine damage. Check your dipstick to make sure you have topped up to the correct level; the maximum level on the dipstick.