Second-hand-Volkswagens-holding-their-valueDespite the emissions scandal, second hand VW’s are holding their value well, a leading motoring magazine has revealed.

According to leading industry magazine What Car? VW’s that are either three years old or have done 36,000 miles, are typically worth 42.21% of their original value, only a 2.7% drop from September 2015, just before the scandal broke.

Steve Huntingford, editor of What Car? said, “I’m sure there are motorists out there who were rubbing their hands in glee at the thought of used VW prices falling off a cliff because of the emissions debacle,

“That simply hasn’t come to pass, however, and while the VW story continues to rumble on a year after the story first came to light, the Golf and Polo are still amongst the most popular new cars in the UK.”

On September 16th, last year, the German automaker first admitted the presence of illegal software that acted as a cheat during emissions testing. As a result of this 200,000 vehicles were recalled by VW.

Owners of the affected cars have been offered a free software upgrade to resolve the problem, but no compensation. This differs from US customers who have also been offered up to £10,000 each to make up for the deceit.

The magazine also revealed that cars made for VW under the Audi brand, experienced a drop of similar levels to the VW badged cars over the past year.

It also found out that the price of second hand Seat and Skoda models, also made by the group, fell by less than 0.5% over the same period.

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