The Easter holidays may be over but the summer is not so far off! All sorts of adventures and excursions lie ahead and for many of these, we’ll be using our VW’s to get there. Before setting out to the other side of the country – or even further afield – here are a few tips we’ve compiled on driving long distances both in the UK and on the continent.

  1. Travel correctly equipped. Make sure you’re carrying all the necessary equipment in your VW when travelling. If you’re going overseas, ensure your vehicle is indicating some form of GB identification, either incorporated into the registration plate or via a sticker attached to the car’s rear.
  2. Read the road rules. Make sure you’re fully aware of the speed limits and road rules for the countries you’re driving through.
  3. Top up before you go. Fuel prices can be more expensive abroad (or even in certain parts of the UK). Shave a few pounds off the cost of the holiday by topping up before you leave.
  4. Break your journey. Driving long distances on holiday is both exhausting and stressful. Schedule rest stops along your route to give yourself and your passengers a break from the road.
  5. Have loose change at hand. Many motorways on the continent charge tolls. Make sure you have a selection of change at hand to make life easier at the toll booths.
  6. Belt up! Make sure everybody travelling in your Volkswagen is wearing their seatbelts. Also, ensure all items of luggage are securely stowed.
  7. Carry an atlas. These days, many vehicles are equipped with Sat Navs, but it’s also wise to carry a map, in case your navigational technology should fail for any reason.
  8. Documentation. Ensure you have all the right paperwork on you such as driver’s licenses, travel insurance, passports and V5 registration documents if necessary.
  9. Entertainment. Travelling long distances is especially tedious for children. Make sure you are carrying enough music and toys to keep them entertained. Bring food and drink with you too, in case you have to stop somewhere without facilities.
  10. Ensure your Volkswagen is in good condition before you depart. Nothing spoils a holiday more than a journey interrupted by flat tyre or some other maintenance issue that would have been routine to fix before you left. Don’t risk it! Give the car a thorough inspection before you leave.

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